City-wide Rumors

Cora Tandy’s home description for Next Gathering

The house is enclosed by a stone work wall that has a large amount of steel spikes on the ledges. These spikes are not only found on the walls, but also on every window sill, roof top, and the larger branches in each tree. Hanging in these trees are also CD’s and beach ball sized balloons that have very bold eye-shaped designs on them. The backyard has a pool with the cover over it.

Inside, a beeping noise sounds whenever the doors or windows leading outside are opened. There is an air horn on an end table beside each already fortified window. The interior itself has all matching furniture and clean enough to nearly pass a white glove test.

There was a 22.5 hour standoff between Russian Mafia members and the police. The standoff ended when the entire 3 story building collapsed as the structure, for no apparent reason became unstable and sunk into the sewers. The police were able to recover enough of the bodies to identify 12 members of the Russian mob. Their leader Borsched, was among the dead. Police are still investigating what might have caused the ground beneath the building to destabilize.

Wanted posters featuring Christmas, Brighid, Lucy, Gaius, Greg, Isaac and Ezekiel have been posted around the city’s Federal Buildings.

Blackstone the Magnificent shall be holding an Extravaganza Magika in two weeks time with the location being Reid Park. Rumor says it will be the biggest event Tucson has ever seen.

Blood Hunts have been issued for the Nosferatu Leo and Gutter Pike.

Father Martin Broadcloak, former Primogen of clan Brujah, has been slain.

PREVIOUS: The city has implemented a new cash reward system for informing on drug related offenders.

There has been an increase in traffic delays on the East Side.

All firearms must be registered and licensed due to new laws passed into effect in the last month.

People continue to go missing and sorority girls continue to be slashed. These trends have not changed much in the last decade.

City-wide Rumors

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