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Welcome to Tucson

-You will find many things here useful in your coming nights.

The Traditions – The Laws of Cain. Laws which all Kindred are beholden to, or risk the wrath of their Prince.

The Clans – The Clans known to spend their unlives in the city of Tucson.

The Camarilla Hierarchy – If you don’t know what a Whip is, or what the Scourge does, you need to read here carefully.

City Division- Where a clan feeds and sleeps are their Domain. If you breach this law even in ignorance, your life may be forfeit. So read carefully.

Influence Rumors- The benefit of taking interest in human affairs is of course the manipulation of the kine as your pawns. Here I have transcribed the rumors I have gathered that you may be privileged enough to learn.

Nosferatu Network- Where we of the Nosferatu Clan trade secrets and parlay with the damned.

City-wide Rumors- Where you can find what everyone should have heard over the past few weeks.

The Graveyard- A list of those who have met Final Death.

Questions Answered- This is where you ask questions about rules calls and your Storyteller answers.

Documents- Our House Rules and other documents

Main Page

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